Cancer inherited? Cancer family?


A family gets some kind of same cancer has a reason, which is not only inheridity. There is bigger reason.

I have a cancer . While my being in the hospital, there were some people said," Many of my family tend to get cancer."
This is called "Cancer family".

Many people tend to think that cancer DNA is inherited from parents to their child, but actually only small percent of cancer is inherited, and which is under 5percent of all cancers.

Most of the reason of cancer is a lifestyle including the circumstances. For example, a family live the same place , eat the same food, and live in the same way. That makes the family people the same health condition. So , that is reasonable , they get the same diseases.

One of the biggest reason is food. Like often eating meat, oily foods , or eating hot foods and salty foods a lot , but not eating enough vegetables. And also keep eating junk foods . These bad eating habits make a family easily gets not only cancer but also other diseases.

Even if separated from the family like because of the marriage, the taste or favor made up by the long term life are difficult to change. Even worse , the new family may have the same risky food lifestyle.

Unfortunately, if one of your family sharing the same lifestyle gets cancer or other diseases, you should check out beginning with your food lifestyle, sleeping time ,or lifestyle itself. And you should start to change the lifestyle a little by little.



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