What is cancer?


What is cancer? Why we get cancer?
This is what I'm going to write here.

Cancer is called " a malignant neoplasm".
This does not a mysterious organism comes from out side of the body.
It is our own cell and we're raising up the organism by ourselves , even though we don't know about that.

It is said that the human body is made up of 60 trillion cells .
The cells do cell division and reborn everyday, then the cell collaborate to do their own jobs. After ending needed cell division, they stop the cell division . Then the time they should die , the cells kill themselves(apoptosis).

For example, skin cells do cell division to make up the wound. Then after making up the wound they stop their cell division. This is called " a metabolism". The metabolism is necessary to slow down aging, and about 800 billions of new cells are made everyday. It is said that all the organ's cells change about thousands of times in a whole life.

At this time, normally the DNA is copied in the right way, but rarely in some reason, the DNA 's got injured, then a mutation happens . The mutation made the improper DNA copy. This miss copying happens not in only old people's bodies , but in young people 's bodies. There is no difference males and females.

It is said that thousands of mutation cells are made even a healthy peoples bodies.
Most of the mutated cells are killed by the immune cells , but the mutated cells are made the body itself ,that makes the immune system difficult to recognize the mutated cells are the foreign cells.
So it is said that it's much more difficult that to exterminate the mutated cells than the foreign cells.

Through these process , unluckily survived mutated cells become cancer cells, then start to ignore the order from the body and spread around the tissues and organs . Not only spread but began to multiply. After many times multiplication, a tumor is made. And if the tumor becomes a malignant tumor , which makes the organ system weaker and weaker. All through these process , the cancer cells metastasize to another organ.

The system when the DNA 's got injured and can't make up well, the injured cells start to kill themselves.

Cancer(a malignant neoplasm) is the cell which is mutated in our body itself and multiplied many times.

Thousands of cancer cells are made in even a healthy person's body everyday.

Cancer cells don't stop and don't kill themselves(apoptosis), but keep on multiplying.

Cancer cells spread around and multiply at another place from the first place.




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